Vento's conceptualization is based on the creation of a captivating environment, where every detail has been carefully designed to awaken the senses.

From the organic, detailed and modern architecture to the immersive lighting of beautiful sunsets on the terrace, Vento has been created as a refuge for lovers of good taste, distinction and distraction.

Vento is the fusion of the architecture used in the Mediterranean (Greece and Italy) and the Caribbean (Tulum).

The concept that is reflected in some tables and furniture is based on the restoration style and designed only for the space given to Vento, using a special technique called "chalk."

The paint used on the walls of Vento is paint used many years ago in Mexico called "Lime paint" that returns to fashion after decades, it is a different technique, messy and improvised, giving originality to the moment of mixing with the different artificial and natural lights.

Vento captivates the senses through different stimulations inside the bar, next to a water fountain, the sensation of freshness accompanied by signature cocktails.

The conceptualization of the place goes hand in hand with the conceptualization of the menu, giving rise to a "Greco-Roman" identity, taking into account the beginnings of the culture, seeking a logical meaning through the legend "Kalos Kai Agathos" giving emphasis on the mixture of the "good and the beautiful" giving rise to "perfection."

“In VENTO all our skills and knowledge were reflected in a comprehensive manner.”

  • Gonzalo Antelo, Architect.

Delifest Pepsi

Yes with Pepsi, Yes with Urban.

A challenge that came to Urban from the CBN where we implemented a unique concept for Pepsi. A journey of flavors consisted of having 6 restaurants with cuisine from 6 different countries, creating a complete gastronomic experience within Expocruz. This challenge was met in time, breaking the expectations of everyone who witnessed it, creating a space that communicates and highlights each attribute that enhanced the brand, thus managing to attract an impressive number of people on this journey thanks to the implementation, administration logistics created and executed by our work team, ensuring comfort, influx and above all the positioning of the brand that in turn generated sales for each stand, making us visible thanks to prominent influencers, shares, visits, as well as interaction on different social media platforms. and digital media such as newspapers and Expocruz notes, which increased the reach of Pepsi, having as its cover and image the implementation carried out together with our great friends at the CBN.


Huari is a brand with a strong identity within its concept called 'Origins.' We had the task of showcasing the soul and DNA of the company in a physical manner, accurately demonstrating the sensations that this concept aims to evoke in passersby. Every detail was aimed at creating a unique experience, so various applications were considered, with one of the most significant being the use of locally handcrafted threads from the Huari region. Each detail was carefully considered in this regard, leading us to win another award during the event.


As art enthusiasts, we have long been enamored with the graphic style of Hendricks. We saw an opportunity to collaborate with them on a project to redefine the brand's art, applying our passion for gin.

The main idea of this project is to create a space that generates an experience, building what is known as sensory marketing, positioning the brand in the five senses of each customer. Visually, this work can be likened to a contemporary art museum; once you see it, it's very difficult to forget.

The work involved Flat Bed printing with UV ink, laser cutting of multiple pieces measuring up to 1.75m. The use of materials ranges from wood, iron, PVC, MDF, ensuring that all materials are easily transportable. In other words, it's easy to take away, allowing the brand to reuse it once it has served its purpose at the location.

I.A. Del Valle

Another one of our award-winning projects at the international fair in Cochabamba, which holds a special place in our hearts, came to our agency through a company we consider part of the family. Del Valle was an absolute challenge, as it was vying for a position in one of the country's most competitive markets, with a limited budget. Ingenuity and innovation were essential. By using recycled materials from the same factory, creativity, but above all, affection and passion for the project, we managed to align with the brand's concept, exemplifying it in a way that yields positive results.


We played a key role in a nationwide campaign for Sedal led by our great friends at Four Group, where we were their top choice thanks to our experience in space management and our track record of impact with the target audience. For the brand, these were its main objectives. In this project, we tailored the ideas to merge with the city's current situation, thus creating an unparalleled and efficient advertising space.

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